Different sources to get money from

Even if your conference does not need it to be specifically stated in the resolution, funding is essential. Funding influences whether a resolution’s notion is viable and the magnitude of its impact. Many delegates have difficulty answering this question, and for whatever reason, many Model World delegates have resorted to a general response of naming “the World Bank.

Venture capital

The first thing to remember is that venture financing is not for every entrepreneur. You should be aware from the outset that venture investors are seeking technology-driven enterprises and companies with strong growth potential in industries such as information technology, telecommunications, and biotech. If you live in the vicinity of Singapore, you can also obtain funds from lenders; here, you will discover a large number of suppliers from which to obtain the best personal loan in ang mo Kio


Crowdfunding has developed as a new way to raise capital for your company. Crowd-funding platforms’ increased popularity has made them a feasible choice for getting your business off the ground. You have a significantly greater chance of securing financing for your business through crowd-funding campaigns if you are young, passionate, and energetic.

Family and friends

Friends and family are the most popular capital funding sources. This method should be used before you have a genuine valuation, a real product, or any real consumers. As a general rule, it is a necessary initial step since outside investors would not generally consider contributing funds until they show “skin in the game” from one of the first two sources.

A loan from a Bank

You can also seek bank financing for your company. Banks often impose a 13 percent to 16 percent markup on your money. You will also be required to post a guarantee before withdrawing funds from the banks. This might be your house documents or any other item you own. The bank loan is not a secure alternative since if your company fails, you will be left with nothing, neither your firm nor your assets.

Earnings Retained

Businesses seek to maximize profits by selling a product or providing a service at a price that exceeds the cost of production. It is the most basic source of finance for every business. After producing profits, a corporation determines what to do with the cash it has gained and how to best distribute it. Dividends can be paid to shareholders from retained earnings.


As you look for the finest funding choices for your new business or to grow an existing one, you will see that some are more complicated and time-consuming, while others may just give a modest amount. While the sources listed above are the most prevalent, there are additional options for acquiring the funding you want.